DFT Black Label product packaging
DFT Black Label

Le-Vel’s Derma Fusion Technology has soared to the top of the Health & Wellness Industry as the apex product in terms of health, wellness, fitness, nutritional support, and weight management. BLACK LABEL / WHITE LABEL is an evolutionary step forward in Derma Fusion Technology, and it incorporates an entirely different formula than standard DFT. This unique formula not only takes Derma Fusion Technology to the next level, but it takes the entire THRIVE Experience to a new level as well.

With the latest absorption and bioavailability improvements of fusion 2.0, BLACK LABEL / WHITE LABEL took a massive step forward. If you thought the results of original Derma Fusion Technology products were impressive, you're going to love 2.0.

BLACK LABEL / WHITE LABEL was created and formulated to provide Customers and Promoters with superior results in terms of general health, wellness, fitness, weight management, nutritional support, and mood support. Use as Step 3 of your THRIVE Experience along with THRIVE Capsules and THRIVE Lifestyle Mix, then combine with a balanced diet, proper water intake and regular exercise for premium results.

DFT Black Label

Weight Management

Mood Support

Promotes Physical Fitness

2.0 Delivery Technology

Nutritional Support